In My Cart [V]

Last night we had a seriously awesome lightening show that kept me distracted well past my bed time. I’m still having issues with my internet so by the time I got around to posting, my service went out.

But seriously, check out that sky!

I have been craving Mexican food lately, so I decided to make a gluten free version of one of my favorites for lunch this week – TACOS!

The Breakdown- Breakfast: Egg Whites + Avocado + Melon Lunch: Ground Chicken [Lettuce] Tacos + Avocado + Sautéed Veggies Snack: Fruit + Raw Nuts + Yogurt w/ Honey and Granola Dinner: Chicken + Brussels Sprouts + Brown Rice

In my cart-

5 Avocados

5 Bananas

4 Lemons

2 Grapefruits

2 Sweet Potatoes

2 Packages of Brussels Sprouts

1 Box of Eggs [underneath…I’m going through so many eggs these days!] 1 Container of Greek Yogurt 1 Red Onion

1 Bunch of Cilantro

1 Package of Romaine Hearts

1 Melon

1 [of each] Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppers 1 Container of Blackberries 1 Container of Ground Chicken 1 Container of Chicken Breasts

Total  Cost = $75.00 Total Cook Time (shopping not included) = About 1.5 hours. I cooked the ground chicken, vegetables, and rice on the stove with a little bit of coconut oil and seasoning, while the chicken and Brussels sprouts baked in the oven. I portioned out my lunches, packaged my dinners and was done! I’ve been frying egg whites in the morning when I get home from the gym, so I did not need to prep anything there.

I have recently decided to forgo drinking for a while. I have done this before, and it always makes me feel much more like myself. Last weekend I volunteered as the DD and could not have felt better about my decision come Monday morning when I was rested, energetic, and ready to kick but at work this week! While I will celebrate Derricks birthday this weekend, that will be the last of my late nights for a while!

For some reason, drinking is a hurtle for me. I am an all or nothing kind of person, and if I want to make the kind of strides I know I am capable physically, I have to give it 100 %. I personally think drinking does not enable 100% effort to an athletic lifestyle. So here goes nothing!


No more excuses 🙂

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