8 Ways to Make Today Healthy!

Yesterday you said tomorrow, right? And probably the day before that and before that. We’re all our own worst enemy when it comes to actually following through on getting healthy.

Below are 8 things you can do today to stop the cycle!

Substitute that Grab-and-Go Meal:

I’ve fallen victim to it in the past too. It’s easier to grab that less than healthy microwave breakfast sandwich or frozen dinner for lunch than it is to take a few minutes to make it fresh. Did you know you can actually find healthy package salads at the grocery store? In the same amount of time it takes to go to the freezer or deli section you could be walking out with a bikini body approved salad.

Take 10 minutes to Stretch

SAMSUNG CSCThe act of waking up and stretching out your muscles is more beneficial than most understand. In many cases, we sit behind a desk for 8 plus hours rendering our muscles, other than those in our hands, useless in positions they are not meant to be dormant in. Stretching not only warms your body up and helps prevent injuries, it increases flexibility and motion in muscles and joints, improves circulations, and relieves stress. If your days go anything like mine, I’ll do anything to relieve some stress!

Make a Plan


Even the most motivated person will struggle to reach their goals without a plan. If your grand plans to lose 20 lbs. didn’t workout today, that’s OK. Sit down, look at tomorrows calender, and physically write in when you plan to make the healthy choices you’ve wanted to. Block out 20 Minutes – 1Hour to do something active. Decide the meals you plan to eat, when you plan to eat them, and a course of action if your day gets derailed. By putting this on paper you will feel more accountable for following through and more likely to succeed.

Don’t Drink your Calories

Firstly, stop drinking soda. I can’t believe this is still something that needs to be said, so just do it. Soda, in any form (YES diet too) is horrible for you. No way around it. The sooner you get away from downing that carbonated processed sugar, the sooner you will meet your goals! Sweet, sugary, fat filled coffee drinks are an easy couple 100 calories to eliminate daily. When in Doubt, just drink water!

Replace a Portion of your evening Netflix Binge with a WalkSAMSUNG CSC

Look, the couch is the most enticing piece of furniture from the moment you walk in the door after a long day. Want to do something today that you can benefit from tomorrow? Turn off the TV, put on your Tennis shoes and head outside. Even a short brisk walk will elevate your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health, lowers risk of disease, helps weight management, gives you energy and will improve your mood.

Water, Water, Water.

On that note… drink water! All day long. Replace any drink you can with water. We’ve all heard the ‘drink 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water a day’ while there hasn’t really been any scientific facts to uphold that rule, its not a bad place to start. While I don’t understand it, not everyone is a fan of plain water. Mix it up and add some cut up fruit or lemon to make it something you enjoy consuming!

Early to Bed – Early to Rise


Sleep is key. A healthy diet is to weightloss as sleep is to overall health. There have been so many studies published recently on the alarming effects of not getting enough sleep, including the reduction in brain functions ultimately effecting long term health. Shut down electronics at a reasonable time and give your body time to wind down without the glow of a screen keeping it active. I’m guilty of this way too often, sleep should be priority! No to mention, the earlier you get to bed, the earlier you can wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle a workout or a tough day at work!

Forgive yourself!SAMSUNG CSC

Our journeys are all different. What you did today does not dictate what you are capable of tomorrow. Recognize your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. Each decision you make towards a healthful future will add up to a healthy life.

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