3-Day Wholesome Cleanse

Hi friends!

Two posts back to back? I’m on a roll 😉

After two short weeks, Derrick went back to work this morning. While I hate saying goodbye I need to get back on track!

I am not the kind of person that likes to miss out on things, especially when Derrick and I actually have the opportunity to do it together. That being said, holidays can be brutal on my diet! Despite my best efforts, I still say yes more than I should and find myself lacking any form of a diet with even less exercise.

These things do not go well with a Bikini!

SO I have decided its time to reset with a cleanse and some detoxifying yoga. Starting Monday, I will begin my 3-Day Wholesome Cleanse, along with anyone else in need of a mid-summer boost!

Interested in joining?? Contact me and I will provide you with a full 3 day meal plan and complimentary fitness suggestions to make it the easiest detox you’ve ever tried.

No gimmicks, no quick fix promises, just smart healthful meal and workout suggestions to guide you through a complete cleans.

The rules are simple;


  • No Alcohol or Sugary Drinks
  • No Processed Foods
  • Raw Fruits & Vegetables
  • Lean Protein

This detox isn’t so strict and restrictive that you will feel depleted but regimented enough to be effective.

The rules are easy, the food is nourishing, and your body will thank you!

So, whose ready to join me and cleanse the right way??

>> bessette.natale@gmail.com

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