Life as an Early 20-Something


Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

While I am nearing the mid 20’s, one thing is for certain – no 2 weeks are the same.

This is the time of ‘figuring things out’;

Figuring out careers.

Figuring out futures.

Figuring out relationships.

Figuring out ourselves.

It’s not necessarily black and white, but a constant swing of light gray to dark gray.

You don’t  necessarily like what you did a year ago, let alone 5, and you don’t entirely know what you like right now. One week its Yoga, the next its buying half the craft isle at Walmart to make horrible pieces of DIY art.

Half the time you enjoy spending your weekend nights at home so you can Instagram and tweet about it, and the other half of the time your waking up and asking your friends what happened like you did when you were 16.

Your holding onto good friendships and those that are no longer good for you. Your harvesting friendships that could last the rest of your life, and others that won’t.

Your socializing and networking and sprinting in the ‘making something of yourself race’ only to feel inadequate more days than not.

Your making memories you’ll look back on with a smile, and others that will make your stomach curdle from the slightest familiar smell.

Nostalgia can be healthy, but often not. And there’s no way around the feeling of longing for another time and place in the not-so-distant past.

Emotions are on high all.the.time.

The great days are great, but others really aren’t.

Relationships swing from madly-truly-deeply to mad-terrified-dreadful at the most innocent mention of commitment and future and finances.

Your collection

It’s almost impossible to think about the future when the happenings of each day can alter your outcome.

And while all of these things can make you feel desperate, you’re at an age where you’re prone to feel optimistic.

Excited for the opportunities you know you could have if you could just (fill in the blank).

Thankful for the relationships you’ve had, have and will have.

Grateful of the memories you’ve made but eager for those yet to home.

And appreciative of all the outcomes that could have been different but weren’t and got you exactly where you are today.

The path were on doesn’t end when life’s figured out, it just changes route. Life feels as though it’s just on the horizon, and while that can make for the worst of days, it allows room for optimism, opportunity, and growth.

While the early 20’s can really kick a person’s ass, we can take comfort in knowing that were not alone, and never have been.

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