Well, it has been some time since I have posted. No real excuses other than life has been happening and I had to take the time be present and experience it. Derrick and I have gone through some natural (but intense) peaks and valleys in our life together but we’ve come out on top. We have been faced with hard decisions that we know will produce a positive long lasting outcome.

For Derricks sake, I will withhold the details and instead share more exciting news! One of the major reasons for my blogging hiatus, I have been studying my butt off for the NASM Personal Training Certification. I’ll be honest, it took two tries (which was a tough pill to swallow), but guess what! I passed!

So here is a quick recap of the last 6 months of our lives;

Derricks schedule changed and he spent much more time home.

I studied and passed the NASM CPT.

I re-did my Kitchen (again).

Lilly turned two!


We went to Boston & Vermont for a wedding.


We went to Denver for another wedding.



We went to more weddings in North Dakota.


We did a lot of boating, dog walking, hiking, and eating out. Like a lot.



I got a second job at a local CrossFit gym.

I finished developing and am now running an Wellness Program for the company I work for.

We tried new recipes, new restaurants, and generally ate alot.


We sold 3 cars and bought a new one.

Derricks schedule changed again and now hes gone even more than before.

I made new friends, harvested old friendships, and ate some more.

Did I mention I ate a lot of food?

For real, always eating…

In all, I shopped too much, traveled some, laughed with friends, cried with friends, spent quality time with the dogs, Derrick, & family, celebrated when I could, drank wine when I couldn’t, and lived offline for a while.

Now I am finally ready to get back to writing and sharing more of my journey in living a healthful balanced life!


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