25 Minute HIIT Stair Workout

Nothing makes me want to hit the gym harder then all the holiday foods and celebrations!

This is one of my favorite HIIT workout formats. The combination of the cardio machine, explosive high intensity movements, and muscle building exercises makes for the perfect fat burning metabolic workout.

Ready for a challenge? Give it a try!

Stair HIIT

Now that I am officially running the Wellness Program I created at my full time job, trying to build my own fitness business, working part-time at the gym as a trainer, coaching a Boot Camp program 4 days a week, authoring posts for the gym blog AND trying my hardest to find time for my personal blog, my life feels like its completely and totally consumed by exercise and health. This is all absolutely amazing, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! I’m feeling a little burnt out and what suffered first was my own health.

Funny how in taking steps to revolve my life around fitness I’ve, in turn, began pushing it out of my personal life. After dealing with some unexpected personal events, and finding every excuse possible not to take care of myself (usually on the couch with some ice cream…..) I finally feel ready to put myself first again. ‘Back on the wagon’ is probably the best way to describe this.

As great as I feel about this right now, I know this will be a roller coaster I will deal with in some way my whole life. Motivation comes and goes, discipline wavers, and even the most passionate people need to take a step back from there passions, but its always there when we are ready to come back to it.

Lucky for you, I am diving back in head first and that means more workout posts!

I hope your holidays have been as wonderful as mine have been so far πŸ™‚


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