Sunday Yoga

I love Sundays.

Being a person that has embraced a non-stop hectic lifestyle, I have made it a point to live Sundays on my own schedule. It’s the perfect day to re-energize, prepare for the crazy, and get in touch with myself and God to set myself up for success.

This morning I rolled out of bed when I felt ready, made myself an extra large cup of coffee (I hardly ever drink coffee but something about snow and Sundays made it seem like the perfect combination), watched Lilly play with her toys while snow fell, and listened to my favorite worship podcast.

I do not post often about my faith, as it is something I am still trying to figure out myself, but making time to work on it every week keeps me grounded and living purposefully.

I spent the rest of the morning under a cozy blanket working on my blogs and editing photos with Lilly snuggled in my lap. The rest of the afternoon will consist of yoga, snowy walks, crafting and meal prep. I could not have asked for a better start to end of this holiday weekend.



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