Full Body Gym Workout

Right now I am in a full-body workout phase. I had been doing CrossFit for a while before I took another week off from the gym and upon returning I realized I was a little burnt out on it. I’m slowly getting back into my split day weight lifting routines, and it feels great. Unfortunately, not all muscle groups can quite handle a day of their own yet, so full body workouts are exactly what I need!

full body deadlift WO

I’m actually a day out from this workout, and let’s just say I can definitely feel it!

On a more personal note, you know how some weeks are just off?

I don’t know what has shifted, but things just haven’t felt right this week. I’m trying my hardest to put a positive spin on everything but even that can be difficult!

After the doo-doo episode earlier this week, we got test results back from the vet with not so pleasant news. Lilly’s liver is not functioning properly and now we get to spend a whole bunch of money trying to figure out exactly why so we can treat it.

I spent yesterday afternoon getting chewed out by several different customers because another company hadn’t done their job. Last, but-unfortunately-its-only-Wednesday-morning-so-definitely-not least, no one showed up to my first boot camp class last night.

Now, I definitely still consider it a success. If you didn’t already know, I have pretty bad anxiety. Like can’t stand up, can’t stop shaking, light headed, heart racing anxiety at even the slightest thought of talking in front of people. When I was asked to teach Bootcamp I was over the moon, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had palm sweats and a pounding heart for 2 weeks.

Anyways, I call last night a success because 1. I showed up 2. I ended up being there to answer questions about the class to other gym goers 3. I managed to convince one to do a round with me and 4. I may have even got a future personal training client out of it!

It’s all in perception. I had to laugh leaving the gym realizing all my worrying had been over nothing but I was able to put a positive spin on what could have been otherwise really deflating.

If you didn’t already check it out, I posted last night’s Bootcamp class on social media!

Happy Hump Day, friends 🙂



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