20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 1

Thanks so much for tuning in to this program!

I am hoping that over the next 20 days you will be able to get back on track and start laying the ground work for the healthier, long lasting habits you plan to make in 2016.

Over the course of this program, I will be posting daily covering commonly discussed health topics, breaking down the mechanics of some of the most effective exercises, and giving you a mini 15 minute workout.

As a participant, you will be able to check in interactively every day via social media.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s DAY 1 of the program!

Day 1 Exercise: Squats

I figured I would start with the holy grail of all exercises, squats. We love to hate them. They suck, they’re awesome, and they’re effective.


(I am aware of the misspellings above, the program I use was being  uncooperative before crashing completely- it is what it is!)

Body weight or weighted, squats are a wonderful strength training exercise for almost all major lower body muscle groups. Depending on your strength level, you can start by doing them without weight on the floor, as your strength increases you can incorporate weight, balance equipment, and jumps to really get the most out of your workout.

Ready to try them out?

Day 1 Workout

Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 2.27.01 PM

Diets Debunked

While the average person looks at diets as the answer to health and weight loss goals, the word ‘diet’ has become somewhat of a dirty word in the health and fitness community.
If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the following major diet brands;
Atkins Diet – Low Carb diet meant to manage insulin levels and ultimately use stored fat as energy.
The Zone Diet – A 5 meals a day consisting of 3 meals and 2 snacks made up of 30% Protein, 40% Complex Carbs, and 30% Fats.
Vegetarian Diet – Elimination of animal products, specifically meat (exceptions are dairy, eggs, and honey).
Vegan Diet – The elimination of all animal products, including eggs, dairy, and honey.
Weight Watchers – A point based weight loss system with an emphasis on exercise, diet, and a support network.
South Beach Diet – High fiber, low carb, low fat diet.
Raw Food Diet – Consumption of unprocessed, uncooked and organic foods. A popular option among the vegan community.
Mediterranean Diet – Inspired by traditional Mediterranean diets, this includes higher consumption of natural healthy oils, grains, beans, fish, and fish products with small amounts of dairy, meat, and red wine.
Paleo Diet – Basically, eat like the caveman did? An adaptation of foods our ancient ancestors would have likely eaten. Primarily focused on consumption of meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds.
Low Carb / No Carb Diet – Many diets, including some on this list, emphasize the reduction or elimination of carbs. Carbs are often misrepresented and many are generally uninformed as to the importance of carbs in a well balanced diet.
While these programs work for people, it’s important to understand what they are. They are brands with a product to sell and they’re really good at playing on your insecurities to get you to buy their programs.
We want results, we want it fast, and if we can throw money at it it will definitely work and by next week I am going to look like I belong on a magazine cover. Right?
Dose of reality- the only thing that is 100% guaranteed to work is you, your motivation to change, and the habits you create.
First, lets define the word ‘diet’.
When I talk about a ‘diet’, I am literally talking about the sum total of all food consumed by a person. Good, bad, cheesy, watery, burnt- if it goes in, it’s a part of your diet.
Developing a healthy diet will differ for each person depending on lifestyle, food preferences, sensitivities, allergies, when your kids wake up, how many accidents the dog had, maybe you haven’t seen the inside of your own kitchen in a month. Whatever reason, you have to find a way to cater your diet to your life in a way that will be effective and long lasting.
Here’s the ugly truth, not everything that says ‘natural’ is, not all green packaging means the contents are organic, and there’s about a 99% chance that the veggies your favorite restaurant just served you are bathed in butter.

  1. Shop the perimeter of the store.
    By sticking to the outside walls of the store, you will hit all major food groups and not fill your cart up with boxes and bags of food that will hinder your progress.
  2. Make small changes gradually, not major changes quickly.
  3. Reduce intake of certain foods rather than eliminating them.
  4. Control your portions.
  5. Balance foods and eat a variety of health foods.
  6. Focus on your food.
    Log off Facebook, turn off the TV, and try not to multitask while eating. Be mindful of each bite and the way your body is feeling.
  7. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  8. Drink more water
  9. Eat regularly.
    Don’t skip meals to prevent your blood sugar from plummeting between grub times. Frequent meals will keep your metabolism going, your insulin levels elevated, and make it easier to maintain.
  10. Eat the best, leave the rest.
    Yes, the free bread tastes better doused in butter and oil and by the time that 45$ meal you just ordered comes, your already complaining that you’re full (I can’t be the only one…). Before you dive into the pasta, go for your protein and veggies first. Starting with the healthiest options will help you stay on track and feel full quicker!
  11. Keep it real.
    You already know what I am talking about. Processed foods=goal crushers.

The most important thing to remember is that a healthy diet ultimately comes down to you. No amount of marketing, sales, or success stories will convince you to make healthier choices until you are ready to. Start today by writing down your top health goals. Once you’ve solidified an achievable goal, break it down into smaller steps that will get you there. Next, decide what you are going to do each day to complete that first step, then the next, and the next. Even if it’s as simple as having one less soda per week, that will get you that much closer to meeting your goal.
There’s a lot of truth to the commonly used quote,  ’80% of abs is diet’. What are you going to do today to get to where you’re trying to go??

Hope you enjoyed Day 1, check back tomorrow for Day 2!


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