20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 2

Welcome back!

I hope you’re enjoying the information in this program as much as I enjoy providing it!

It’s Day 2, which means your one day closer to your goals and already on the way to making your new years resolutions happen!

And its not even January yet!

Day 2 Exercise: Push Ups

Yesterday we worked our lower body, today we’re focusing on a full body movement with an emphasis on upper body strength.

The Perfect Push Up

Push ups are a great way to gauge and increase upper body strength.

Ready to try it out??

Day 2 Workout

Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 4.50.44 PM

Carbs are Your Friends

I hope what I am about to discuss does not come as a surprise.
In case it does, I am here to tell you that carbs are not the devil- quite the opposite, in fact! If you are someone that wants to ‘lose weight and gain muscle’ but are a carba-phobic-cardio-bunny, you can expect to look more like a flappy pancake than those fitspiration models on Instagram.
Here’s the breakdown.
Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy. They’re broken down during the digestive process and used for both immediate and long term energy needs. Drastically reducing your carb intake won’t just hinder your weight loss success, but has the potential to cause increased mood swings, fatigue, food cravings, and general discomfort. This isn’t how weight loss should feel!
The ongoing saga of white VS whole wheat put pastas, breads, and other simple carbs at the top of the ‘naughty list’. Truth is, the major difference between the two is the way they’re made. Whole grain carbs are generally better for you as they are more nutrient dense and have more fiber. White grains are more heavily processed striping them of their nutrients, hence why they are considered ‘empty calories’.
Our traditional idea of ‘carbs’ starts and stops with fluffy doughy (delicious) foods. However, almost all foods you consume contain carbs; Fruits, vegetables, beans, and dairy products not only have carbs but are also great sources of vitamins and nutrients!
So, before knocking carbs entirely and announcing to everyone at the Christmas party that you’re gluten free, take some of the following steps to reduce your consumption of the not-as-good-for-you white starches and replace them with some of those yummy healthful ones.

  • Control your portions!
  • Don’t completely eliminate foods, replace them with a healthier option.
  • Account for your individual activity level.
  • Understand the difference between simple & complex carbs
    Simple – Low in fiber & nutrients, empty cells which are eventually stored as fat (whole grain products, quinoa, beans, nuts, oats, fruits/veggies, Sweet potatoes)
    Complex – High in fiber & nutrients, boosts metabolism, stored & used as energy (White breads & pastas, processed sugars, Fruit Juices, pasties/desserts, Candy, processed snacks)
  • Whole grain > Multi Grain & White
  • Eat the bulk of your daily carbohydrate allowance around bouts of exercise
  • To get the most out of carbs and your workout, increase your carb intake both before and after workouts.

Day 2 down, are you using your Sunday to prepare for a week of success? Check back later for the weekly ‘In My Cart’ entry to see how I’m prepping for the week ahead!



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