20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 3

Good morning!

WordPress informed me this morning that today is my 2 Year Anniversary with The Grapefruit Diaries! Celebrating doing something I love is the perfect way to start my Monday 🙂

That, and having completed 2 days of the 20 Day Jump Start Program!

It’s Day 3 and I have some goodies in store for you!

Day 3 Exercise: Lunges

The perfect lunge

Lunges are a great versatile exercise to include in any workout. Want to increase lower body strength? Grab a pair of weights. Want a cardio exercise? Try Lung Jumps. Want a little of both and an upper body workout with it? Throw in some weighted walking lunges with curls, over head presses, or just holding a weight over head.

Like I said, lunges are an incredibly versatile option for any kind of workout!

Ready to try them out? Lets get to the workout!

Screen shot 2015-12-13 at 8.50.35 PM

This is a lower body heavy workout. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can. If your up for it, add some weight and challenge yourself!

Weight Lifting vs. Cardio Training

About as common an argument as exercise in the morning VS exercising in the evening, the battle between weight lifting and cardio is ongoing.
Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference. Consistent physical activity that you can make work with your schedule and lifestyle is what’s best for you, and that’s all that matters.
The major difference between cardio and weightlifting? How you want to look.
Understand, I’m talking in generalities because, as you know, everyone is different and everyone’s body responds differently to different stressors. In college I turned into a cycling bunny because my friend swore up-and-down it gave her a J-Lo booty…all that cardio turned mine into a flap jack. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there claiming one is better than the other.
Here’s my take;
Cardio: Improves overall cardiovascular health, great for rapid and gradual weight loss, as well as health maintenance.
The good:
Calculating calories burned per minute, cardio will burn more overall than strictly lifting weights.
Strengthening of the respiratory muscles.
Increase heart health.
Reduce risks of some chronic conditions.
The bad:
You’re not necessarily just losing fat if you’re only relying on this form of exercise. Without proper nutrition and education, you could potentially lose muscle weight in the process.
Additionally, the whole ‘burning more calories per minute’, is not a guarantee. Calorie counters on exercise machines and fitness gadgets are not always accurate. Just because you ran at a moderate pace for 30 minutes doesn’t mean you exerted as much energy as the power lifter that blew through PR’s for 30 minutes in the next room.
Strength Training: Increases physical strength and skeletal muscle size.
The good:
It’s been proven to prevent and reverse some negative health effects of aging.
Increases resting metabolic heart rate.
Developing lean muscle will actually burn more calories overall. More muscle = more calories burned between sweat sessions.

This is how you get that ‘toned’ look (and unless you really really want it to, it will not make you in any way ‘bulky’)
The Bad:
If you don’t want any muscle definition, this is definitely not for you.
Uneducated weight lifters are much more susceptible to serious injuries.

The golden combination:
As a certified personal trainer and general health enthusiast, I am comfortable saying that a combination of both weighted exercises and cardio will provide most people with their desired fitness goals. In my experience, the most common health concerns are typically to; 1. Lose weight 2. Gain muscle/ get toned 3. Diet…you cannot achieve both 1 & 2 without performing exercises that will get you there.
So my answer? Both! Why chose just 1 when you can get great results combining them?

Which do you prefer? Have you found a system that works above and beyond all others you’ve tried? I love learning new things, as I am sure you do too!

Happy Monday fit friends 🙂


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