20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 5

Day 5 is here, we’ve covered so much and still have so much more to come!

I promise you will get a break from the workouts soon, but first lets get to todays exercise break down.

Day 5 Exercise: Wall Sit

the Perfect wall sit

Day 5 Workout:

wall sit workoutNow on to the good stuff…

The Skinny on Fat Burning Super Foods

Following yesterday’s discussion on Targeting Fat, let’s talk fat burning foods.

Eating a well-balanced whole food diet will target fat without you realizing it, however, did you know there are foods that contain properties which actually rev your metabolism and promote fat loss?

Here are my picks for top fat loss foods:

Hot Spices & Peppers

Natural chemicals in these spicy ingredients will kick your metabolism into high gear. Looking for an extra boost? Add some chili pepper or whole chilies to your next dish!


Cinnamon is high in manganese, iron, calcium, and fiber providing both healing and weight loss benefits. Just a teaspoon a day of this ingredient will help regulate blood sugar levels and promote fat loss.


In general, our bodies use more calories digesting lean proteins than they do carbs or fats. Proteins do a lot of good things for your body, try to get at least 10% to 35% (or more!) of your total daily caloric intake in the form of protein.


There’s a reason my blog is named for this wonderful magic fruit! Not only does it taste great, but it offers a ton of awesome health benefits. They contain a ton of vitamin C, have disease reversing and preventative properties, and promote skin health. On top of all that, they’re fat free and contain fat burning enzymes which affect our insulin levels and metabolic rate.


Fiber is found in all sorts if unexpected places. Some say that Americans have too much of it in their diet, others claim the opposite. Either way, it’s good for you, it makes you feel full, and it keeps your digestive system moving. Digestive health is so incredible important for weight loss success!


Beans are slow carbs high in fiber and protein. They are a great carb substitute and help manage insulin levels.

Green Tea

A little bag packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and catechin! Catechins are a natural antioxidant found in teas, chocolate, fruit, and some wines that promote weight loss by increasing the energy your body uses making fat loss likely.


Studies have shown that moderate black coffee consumption can cause a short term rise in metabolic rate. Ditch the creamer and get the most bang out of your cup-o-joe!

It’s easy to look at food as just calories in the way of your ultimate health goals. Looking to food as the answer, and using it to your advantage, will not only establish a healthy relationship with food but get you to your goals faster.

Try adding at least 1, if not more, of these superfoods into your diet each week and see results that much faster!



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