20 Day Jump Start Program DAY 7


1 week down, 13 days to go!

Also, TGIF!

Hopefully yesterdays little break has you rested and ready to kick butt for the next week! No, on to the good stuff..

Week 7 Exercise: Mountain Climbers


I have a love-hate relationship with Mountain Climbers.

They’re a great full body cardio workout when done right. I like to add these as a cardio interval in HIIT workouts, which I almost always regret. The faster you move, the harder they become!

Ready to try them out? Check out todays workout!

 Day 7 Workout:

mountain climber WO

With the week of holiday madness looming near, I can’t be the only one nervous about the foods I’ll be surrounded by.

Today is out holiday party at work and, based on the list of dishes, there wont be much for me to choose from without dairy.

Tomorrow could be rough.

Speaking of dairy, today I thought I would talk a little about foods that commonly cause discomfort in…

Foods that Cause Bloating

It’s the holidays and most of us are programed to think that bloating comes with the season. Come January 1st we’ll vow to lose the 10 lbs we expect to gain over the next few weeks.

Ok, now back up. Why is it that there is only 1 day a year where everyone is super motivated to make all their goals happen? Why give yourself months leading up to that day to allow yourself to make all kinds of decisions that go against what you hope to accomplish in the new year?

Call me crazy, but that sounds very counterintuitive.

If you’re like me and have food sensitivities, the holidays can be a minefield of bad foods you probably-shouldn’t-have-but-one-bite-won’t-hurt-and-bam you’re so bloated the skin on your back cannot stretch any further.

I feel your pain.

If you don’t have any kind of reaction to any food, first off I don’t believe you (there are a lot of foods NO human body is built to digest), and second I’m jealous.

Regardless, bloating happens and it happens to everyone at some point.

Here are some of the major culprits;


Beans, beans the magical fruit…you know the rest J


Honestly, most people consume way more dairy then they need. Many experience bloating even if they don’t have (or realize they have) a sensitivity or allergy to it. There are many dairy free options, or you could simply opt for a dairy-free dish to indulge in at the office pot-luck.

Sulfuric Vegetables

The major contenders are asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. While these are high in nutrients (and taste wonderful great!) they also contain sugars that don’t break down quickly and end up fermenting in our intestine. Literally a gassy, stinky, veggie moonshine in your gut. But they taste good…!


Yes! Gum! That 5 calorie piece of gum you popped to satisfy your sugar cravings can cause bloating. Other than absent mindedly swallowing air as you trick your body into thinking you’re eating something sweet, artificial sweeteners contain properties that cause gastrointestinal issues and bloating. (Yeah, you read that right, your artificially sweetened soda pop does this as well…)

On that note…

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonation, literally the suspension of carbon dioxide gas in liquid combined with all sorts of fun you-already-know-they’re-bad-for-you chemicals, will expand once they’re consumed causing a general swelling of your GI tract. Hence feeling full of air after downing that afternoon soda pop.

High Fructose Foods

Found naturally in fruits, and unnaturally in those bargain chewy cookies your craving, fructose can be hard for the body to digest. We also eat too much of it on an average day, so those who know they have a hard time digesting it could experience discomfort.

Processed food

I wish all frozen dinners and processed foods could be eliminated completely but they’re here to stay and, unfortunately, a leading factor in most unhealthy lifestyles. Other than convenience, these foods can contain in all kinds of ingredients and seasonings that we can’t even pronounce, let alone our bodies can efficiently digest. A major concern are the high sodium counts. Sodium causes the body to hold on to water, causing higher water weight and perceived bloating. Ever notice your fingers swell a little after eating half a pizza by yourself? Not such a good thing…


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