20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 10

Give yourself a pat on the back, we are officially half way through the program! Continuing on the momentum we’ve built, lets dive right in to some kick-butt lower body exercises and a workout.

The perfect curtsey lunge

I am a huge fan of the curtsey lunge. It works so many lower body and stabilization muscles. Ready to try it out?

day 11 curstsey lunges

As discussed yesterday, there are lots of ways to cut costs when trying to maintain a healthful diet. Buying bagged, frozen or canned produce can be an easy swap for some looking to save a few bucks.

Recently I have been approached about diets and the choices they are making. With concerns regarding the cost of health, the questions I got revolved around the benefits of canned and frozen foods. Obviously nothing beats the fresh versions of these foods, but the next two days we will discuss the pros and cons of these options;

The Dangers of Canned Food


A plastic coating found in over 90% of canned foods designed to preserve the freshness of the food. Here’s the dirty on BPA, it’s a compound that makes up most plastics we use today. Even in small doses, it can have long term effect son the human body, including reproductive and brain issues, cancer, obesity, heart problems hormonal imbalances, and more. If my veggies can’t go a week in my refrigerator without growing mold, yet come out ’fresh’ after several years in a can…I really don’t want whatever magic chemical made that possible inside me.

Imported Foods

It’s not uncommon to pick up a can of food and find it has been packaged and shipped from elsewhere. First, other countries are not held to the same quality standards as we are here. Second the FDA only inspects about 2% of all food imports. You don’t necessarily know where that food your about to eat has been and what it has been exposed to. So it’s up to you to make the best decisions as to what will or will not be brought into your home.


Aluminum is the most widely distributed and used metal on the planet. It’s everywhere and has a lot of contact with the foods and beverages we consume. Aluminum also has properties that harm your central nervous system which can cause pretty severe brain issues. Think Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The body does not need any amount of aluminum and by consuming it via food we are constantly putting ourselves at risk. Some think the BPA lining is meant to prevent some of the leaking aluminum does into canned foods but even liners can’t completely block out the potential contamination. Plus, why fight a danger with another danger?


We hear this word a lot, but don’t completely understand what it means. They have many different names but plain and simple they are a food additive that prevent microorganism break downs in order to prolong shelf life. There are different kinds of preservatives, some more (much more) harmful than others. Many that have had inconclusive studies done on them and their effects in the human body. These days it seems almost impossible to avoid some form of preservative, the least you can do it minimize it by reducing the amount of processed foods, like canned foods, you consume.


Canned foods hold a permanent spot among foods with the highest sodium content. While many companies have made efforts to provide ‘Reduced Sodium’ versions of some of your kitchen staples, the content is still extraordinarily high. You can reduce the salty contents by rinsing the contents before using and removing the extra sauces and preservative, which usually host the majority of the sodium.

Looking for preserved and easily stored food for those just-in-case moments? Try switching to glass or home canned food. Food in store bought cans are more than likely cooked after being canned, allowing some pretty dangerous chemicals to leak into the food. Canning at home or using glad can eliminate some of those dangers.


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