20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 13

Moving right along, were on Day 13 of the program!

We’ve done a lot of work outs and not a lot of stretching so today, we stretch!

Day 13 Exercise: Stretching

Stretching is so important if you are strength training. As you are building strength and mass make sure to pamper your muscles by taking Epsom salt baths, foam rolling, and stretching! Take care of your muscles and your muscles will take care of you!

I think the number one question I get regarding health and fitness is how I eat. It took me a long time to get to where I am today nutritionally, it is not something that happens over night. I am constantly commended for my discipline and ability to say no to food in almost any situation but what people fail to see are the years of struggling it took to get to this point and the constant preparation I make to stay on track. Health doesn’t happen to you, its an action you choose to make. I choose every week to make sure I can navigate the week ahead in the most healthful way possible. Here are some of my tips and tricks for making that happen!

Meal Prep 101

I am a huge advocate for meal prepping. Whether you are trying to eat better, weight loss, weight gain, bulk, tone, feel better…whatever your reason for seeking out health you won’t get there without planning ahead. You wouldn’t go out of town for a week without planning what clothes you’ll bring, where you’ll be staying, and how you will get there. So why would you attempt to navigate a week without knowing how and when you will be fueling your body? The biggest reason for failure in a healthful diet is lack of preparation. Here are my top tips for meal prepping

Plan your menu by Saturday

Planning your week of meals out ahead of time will give you an opportunity to know exactly what ingredients you will need. This also gives you the option to shop that weeks sale items and save some money!

Don’t Shop Hungry

This can’t be said enough, if you show up to the grocery store hungry you might as well just toss that pretty list of ingredients out the window. Eat before going to the store to ward off any temptations a rumbling stomach may have.

Shop Ingredients

This gets trickier when you have a family, but you truthfully won’t need all those bags of chips and frozen snacks. Make a plan and stick to it. If you plan according to you and your family’s needs you shouldn’t need all the extras that fill up your pantry.

Invest in Tupperware

Trust me, you’ll need it. You Can get some awesome bargains this time of year, it doesn’t ne dot be anything fancy just able to hold your food!

Cook Large Batches

Prepare to fall in love with your crock pot. Cooking simple meals in large batches will save you so much time during the week. Have the same meal every day or prep easy-to-throw-in crock pot dishes in baggies and freeze them. Make something that will last in either the freezer or refrigerator through the end of the week.

Schedule Cook Time

This is the most difficult part of meal prep. Spending an afternoon cooking is no one’s idea of fun, especially during the holidays. If you feel like you spread thin all the time and never have time to make dinner, this could be the perfect solution. Consolidate your hours over the stove during the week to couple on the weekends and save time and energy prepping everything before the chaos of the weeks sets in.

Prepping your meals will not only help keep you on track nutritionally, but save a lot of time energy and money in the long run. Give it a shot this week by making some of those long-forgotten-about pins come to life in your kitchen!


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