20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 16

First, I must apologize. If you hadn’t already noticed, I have been somewhat sporadic in my posts for this program.

When I started this program I had every intention of keeping up with it daily over the following 20 days. It was a challenge to motivate myself to post more frequently and provide some guidance and information to my readers as we head into the new year.

In order to get caught up, I will post the remaining 4 days of posts throughout today and tomorrow. If you have been trying to follow along but noticed my inconsistencies, I will have the entire program consolidated on my website for you to read through and follow at any point!

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to this blog!

Alright, now on to day 16!

Day 16 Exercise: Calf Raise

The perfect calf raise

Ready to try it out?

Day 16 Workout:

Screen shot 2016-01-01 at 3.09.02 PM

The Benefits of a Cheat Meal

Lets talk cheating.

If your anything like me, you struggle with the idea of permitting a daily or weekly cheat meal.

I get it.

Wellness can feel like an all or nothing lifestyle and if your willing to give in to one glass of wine, you might as well finish the whole bottle. Fret not, indulging once a week, or maybe once a day if that’s what works, will not throw you off the wellness wagon. Quite the opposite actually!

While quitting soda cold turkey can seem like your only option, allowing yourself some of life simple pleasure can actually benefit you in the long run.

You Need Rest

If your working hard all week in the gym and being careful about whats put in your body, you need to make sure your letting your muscles rest. Cheat days don’t always have to consist of poor food choices but could just mean a day off from mentally and physically focusing on health.

Better Fight Cravings

The hardest part of making major diet changes are the craving we inevitably have for eliminated foods. There is no doubt about the fact that sugar is addictive. I you don’t believe that, why do you think its so difficult for people to stop drinking soda? The body has similar reactions to the consumption of sugar as it would an addictive drug. Unfortunately sugar is in so many foods we consume daily, its hard to avoid. Allowing yourself to eat off plan for a meal or a treat will keep you have having complete withdraws leading to a larger binge down the road.

Increase Willpower

My favorite part about allowing myself cheat meals is exactly that, I am allowing it. I don’t feel as if I have lost control, quite the opposite in fact. It is 100% my decision to eat the food I wouldn’t normally and after I am done I can go back to my regularly scheduled meals. Maintaining this level of control is crucial in developing long term willpower that will turn that diet into a lifestyle.

Bring Levels Back to Normal

Lots of things happen to your body when start eating healthier. Whether your just starting or an experience weightlifter, a restrictive caloric diet is best for overall weight loss. These restrictions can can changes in insulin and hormone levels that directly effect fat loss. Even one small cheat meal help return those levels back to normal and keep you on the path to reach your goals.

The Detrimental Effects are Minimal

In the end, as long as you maintain control of the cheat meal, and not turn it into a cheat binge, the extra 300-500 calories consumed from it for the week will not completely derail your efforts. Overall, the slight caloric increase for one meal a week can actually ultimately help you in the long run.

A little cheat here and there can ultimately help keep you on track, manage the ways your body is able maintain fat loss, and actually help to increase overall self discipline. Why completely deprive yourself if not doing so could potentially be more beneficial?

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