20 Day Jump Start Program: DAY 19

Day 19…we’re so close to finishing the program!

We have covered so much already, don’t expect anything less of the last two days.

Day 19 Exercise: Wall Sit


Ready to give it a try?

Day 19 Workout:

Screen shot 2016-01-01 at 3.09.54 PM

Encouraging Family Health

This is a topic I struggle with for so many reasons.

First, I do not have kids and can’t possibly begin to fully understand what maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be like with a bunch of rugrats running around. Second, while Derrick and I appreciate food we lean towards healthful balanced meals, even on our worst days. So many people that come to me for advice don’t come straight out and say it, but in so many words tell me they can’t be healthy because of they’re family.

Their mom makes them their favorite cookies every week, their husband doesn’t want to give up his favorite go-to meals, the kids refuse to eat greens, they still live at home and have to eat what’s served. Whatever the reason is, without a strong support system, especially in your own home, success will be increasingly difficult. Like I have mentioned before, finding a ‘health buddy’ to hold you accountable is key to success. Even if it’s just to talk to about health related topics, or someone that is willing to go for a walk to get in those extra steps, or someone to be strong for you when all you want is that last cinnamon roll in the case at the coffee shop.

Being surrounded by support will give you the best chance at success. Here’s how to make that happen;

Express your Commitment

Express to your loved ones how important your health is to you, and should be to them. Make sure they understand that the process you are going through is not to be criticized but is for you and the future of you and your family. If they can’t understand what you’re doing, make sure they understand why.

Take it Slowly

Major changes won’t happen overnight. Especially if your habits are long established and you’ve raised a family in the same manner. You will need to find a way to implement health slowly in order to prevent them from resenting you. For example, try to go for a walk on the weekends, switch from 2% to 1% or skim milk, or trying one new healthy dish a week.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Sometimes healthy habits happen organically. You notice your kids running up the stairs instead of taking the escalator, they choose to play outside instead of plopping down on the couch, and maybe your husband suggests a walk after dinner instead of TV. Whatever it is, when it happens without your inspiration make sure they know it is notice and rewarded (with something healthy of course..)!

Make a Game of it

I don’t know a single child that doesn’t have some kind of competitive nature about them. Make an typical afternoon spent isolated in bedrooms in front of screens active by going to the track and playing running/walking games, trying out new playgrounds, bike rides in the form of neighborhood ‘race routes’, plant a children’s garden, etc.

Make is Easy

Put health in front of their noses and make is so easy they can’t say no. Chop up fruit and veggies for one the go snacks, keep fresh produce on the counter in eye sight, and try not to even give the option of eating poorly if at all possible. Growing up my parents would always tell me if I was hungry I could either have water or an apple. If I wasn’t hungry enough to eat an apple, I probably wasn’t hungry to begin with!

Each family is different and has their own way of adapting to changes. Recognize what those adaptations are and how you can begin implementing them will get you, and your family, one step closer to living a life of health!

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