A Surprise Christmas

I am posting this much later than I had intended to, but soon enough you will understand why!

Derrick and I hadn’t gotten to be home for the holidays since before we moved to North Dakota. Each year got a little harder to be away and we finally made the decision to bite the bullet, surprise our families, buy tickets and go!

We are so incredibly fortunate to have both of our families in the same state. It’s still tough deciding which house to spend what at, but at least we have the opportunity to see them both in the same day (if we wanted to..)

Derricks family knew ahead of time that we were coming, after a very long day spent in airports, juggling canceled and missed flights, we got to Oregon a day late and brought the snow with us!

We spent Christmas Eve with Derricks family, all the while tricking my family into thinking we were still in North Dakota.

Since we lost a day to unexpected travel delays, it was a quick trip south spent celebrating, opening gifts and inhaling breakfast before we turned around and headed up to my parents house in Portland.

We let my dad in on what was going on and he timed it perfectly so that he was coming back from a run when we got to town. He met us down the street outside where we handed over Lilly and he took her inside to see what my mom made of it.

Derrick and I snuck in through the garage and waited until we heard the screams of my mom putting the pieces together to come up the stairs.

My mom is a tiny little thing, and I have never been more happy to give her a bear hug and see the surprise and excitement on her face!


I moved away from Portland at 18 and only went back for a few months one summer during college. Leaving Oregon with Derrick was incredibly exciting but also a huge culture shock. If you have ever moved from an big liberal city to a very small conservative town- you know what I am talking about. I have never really appreciated how unique the area I grew up is until I had the chance to walk through my childhood neighborhood with my family last month.

I felt like a tourist taking pictures of everything so I could show all my friends back in North Dakota how beautiful the pacific northwest is.

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying each others company, celebrating the holiday, my parents and siblings even amused me by taking an absurdly quick day trip out to the beach just so I could see it for the first time since we moved!

The biggest complaint Derrick and I have about ND (other than the bitter negative degree tempts, tornadoes, ticks, lack of trees…etc….) is that we are land locked. We have both, Derrick especially, spent our whole lives a quick drive from the coast. Lakes just don’t cut it!

A few more canceled/missed flights and another day lost to travel and we were back in North Dakota.

Three days between my two amazing families was definitely not enough time, but I have a feeling we will get to see much more of each other soon!

I hope everyone is surviving the bitter cold and crazy storms this season. I am definitely one of the masses that thinks Summer should come after New Years…especially up in our neck of the woods!


    1. Ah! Girl! I have completely fallen off the face of the blogosphere. 😭 Don’t worry, I have plenty of stories and things to catch up on! It’s in the works…get ready 😉 Where is Semi-Sweet Tooth?? I need to get caught up too! Hope all is well!

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