Surprise! We Moved Across the Country…Again.

If you read my last post (from Christmas…) you read the comment regarding possibly getting to see my families a lot more often in the future.

While it was merely wishful thinking at the time, little did I know how events would catapult us back to Oregon just a few short weeks later!

I have told myself every day for the last 3 weeks (ok, 3 months…) that I was going to sit down and write. Maybe a post, maybe a journal entry, any kind of writing- my soul needed it. I’ll be honest, I started this particular post about a week ago and after every other sentence found a reason to step away from my computer. I have so many stories I haven’t put to paper, so many things to update friends, family, and readers on, and I am finally getting to a place where blogging can be a priority again!

When I write, I’m happy. I am happiest when I write.

In order to get back to whats important to me, and the fun health-related posts, I need to update everyone on all things that have been the tornado that is my life the last few months!

First, lets hit the ‘low’ points;

-We made the unbearable decision to re-home my sweet Axel due to Derricks allergies.
-We both lost our jobs due to the slump in the oil and gas industry.
-After much discussion, and frustration, we made a decision that would bring us back to Oregon.
-The night before the big cross-country move, we lost our sweet Lilly in a really unfortunate accident.

Life has been a roller coaster, as it always is, and amid all the heart break and insanity- we have found some little things to keep us going.

The high points;

– I found an amazing job coaching at Orangetheory Fitness. Seriously, amazing.
-Of all the jobs in all the places, Derrick got an offer that ended up bringing us back to Portland, OR.
-After many conversations, and double that in research, we found the perfect breeder and we get to bring our new pup home in June!
-Derrick and I found a beautiful duplex, with a huge yard on a dead-end that feels like a breath of fresh air.
-We have squeezed in so much family time, it has more than made up for the time we spent away.

Despite everything, we have each other, our families, a roof over our heads, and we’re still standing.

As hard as life got for us, things could always get worse. All of the loss that Derrick and I experienced as quickly as it happened made it hard to remember that.

Our lives didn’t just change, they were turned upside down and shook to the point of being unrecognizable. I miss my friends, my co-workers, our first real home together, our dogs, and the little town we built a community in. I feel fortunate that we get a chance to make new memories in a place we never thought we would be in. And I am always looking forward to the adventures we are guaranteed to have in the future!

I know there is a plan and a reason for everything, and I trust we are on the right path. I am finally beginning to wake up in the morning feeling like myself again, even if that’s at 3:45 a.m. The next step is sharing a little slice of what we’ve gone through with you and really starting to move forward from it all.

I hope you had a fabulous week, and an even better weekend planned ahead!

You’ll be hearing a lot more from this girl in the near future.

P.S. expect nothing less than a ridiculous amount of information and posts on the dog we don’t even have yet! 🙂


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