Things I’m Loving Friday #1

Hello! For all my 9-5 friends, TGIF! and my weekends worriers, I feel your pain- we will make it!

I woke up this morning with about 100 things running through my mind, including a list of things I wanted to write about. I often find myself wanting to share small things here and there that don’t necessarily warrant an entire post, so I decided so start a “Things I’m Loving” series! Once a week, whenever I have the time to sit down and make it happen, I will put together a list of things that made my week a little bit better, so hopefully it can make yours too!

On to the first edition!

The only Whole30 picture I’m sharing only because I cracked an egg with double yolks today!


First off, I started the Whole 30 this week! I am still working out the kinks and getting the last weeks worth of recipes together to share with you. My why for taking on this challenge is to hit the re-start button on my diet. I don’t diet, I hate restricting myself and I much prefer consistent healthy eating with cheats sprinkled on top to keep myself from binging. Lately, however, the little cheats have been a little more frequent and its packing a punch. Nutrition is a puzzle I don’t feel I will ever finish, but I know that the little changes I want to see happen, and performance I expect out of myself in my workouts, is being effected. So hopefully this is the start of 30 days to a better me!


Target $1.00 Spot

Even though I drive past a Target every day, and spent the last 3 years living 2 hours away from one, I try not to enter into the ‘I probably don’t need this but…’ trap often. This weekend I stopped to restock on some home mani supplies and instantly got sucked into the 1$ spot! They always have yummy candles, cute stationary, and seasonal goodies I never even knew I needed. I ended up putting most items back, but just couldn’t walk away without a couple of to-do list organizers!


Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Speaking of mani supplies, I love doing my own nails! Living in North Dakota I hardly trusted most of the nail places in town and ended up getting a full-on home mani kit and took matters into my own hands! I don’t know if there is a pun there, but I meant it if there is. I grabbed the i<3NAILART pen in Fine White and Defy & Inspire in The Right Reason and played around with my traditional no-fuss mani. So far, I’m loving it!


Frozen Kiwis

Derrick decided to grab a box of kiwis during out last trip to Costco, neither of us sure what to do with them. We got home and decided to peel, chop and freeze them for smoothies and I don’t know if I can go back! Ive been playing with some more citrus-y tropical flavors in my smoothies and kiwis are the perfect addition!

things im  loving-8

Day Baths

As a personal trainer, group fitness coach and blogger my schedule is a little funky. Some days I’m up before 4 a.m. and done by 8:30 a.m. others I don’t work until 5 p.m…the life of a trainer! This often leaves me with random hours to myself mid-day. Yesterday I took full advantage and soaked in a milk bath while watching Hart of Dixie…for the second time (I seriously love that show). P.S. Trader Joe’s has an awesome Foaming Milk Bath & Lotion kit that I absolutely suggest if you need a little me time!


Home Goods Clearance Section

After running errands all over town the other day, I decided to stop into a Home Goods before heading home. Derrick and I have been on the hunt for a new dishware set and some decent cutting boards, so I entered telling myself that’s all would look at. We all know that’s not how it works. I walked away with a jar of cashew butter and this awesome new center piece for the dining table that was over 75% off! I have a feeling this hunk of wood will end up on a wall somewhere, it’s just too beautiful not to show off!


Kirkland Brand Creamy Almond Butter

I’ve been a bit of an almond butter snob and our grocery store in North Dakota had a self service station where you could make your own nut butters on-the-spot. It was hard to start buying the processed stuff again and I just don’t have the patience to make a big batch once a week. Last weekend I found this big ol’ jar of almond butter with the sole ingredient: Almonds. Being on the Whole 30 a lot of my go-to carbs and protein powders have been eliminated and a spoon full of this is all I need sometimes! Ive been adding it to my smoothies everyday and just can’t get enough!

Screen shot 2016-05-27 at 1.22.31 PM.png

Jane the Virgin

Alright, last but not least, I have fallen in love with this new series! New to me anyways. After watching Hart of Dixie all the way through twice, yes twice, I decided it was time to find a new obsession. We don’t have cable, just internet, and if it’s not on Netflix I probably wont bother. After a handful of boring pilot episodes testing out new shows I landed on Jane the Virgin and I’m already hooked! I do watch normal shows when Derrick is around but to keep my sanity when he leaves on work trips I keep the silly girl shows in rotation! If you haven’t yet, check it out!

Keep the spirit of the coming holiday in your thoughts, and the families living with loss in your prayers. Memorial Day isn’t all beer and barbecues, spend that extra day taking care of yourself and celebrating those who have given the ultimate sacrifice!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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