Puppy Love

I had planned on writing a post saying something to the effect of how much we adore our little fur ball and how perfect our lives are now that she’s with us, and everyone lived happily ever after. With a crap-ton of puppy pictures…which I promise will come at the end of this mini rant!

But then, this morning as I scheduled her third emergency doctors visit since we brought her home, I realized that this is hard freaking work and I’m probably going to go grey before we get through potty training. So I should probably tell you about that part too.

Let me add, the doctors visits have not been for your average puppy appointments such as shots etc., but more literally ’emergency visits’. Apparently this dog has a death wish. It will either be her or me from worry- and I’m getting stress pimples.

So, heres the hard fast truth about trying to raise a tiny toy breed puppy; it’s scary as hell. Excuse my french.

I never feel like she’s eating enough, drinking enough, or weighs enough. I swear she’s breaking bones every time she launches herself off furniture, more often than not I think she hates us, or her food, or her toys, and all my go-to puppy tactics don’t work because tough love on a 3lb puppy could just plain kill them. No lessons learned.

Of course I am being a bit mellow dramatic, you’ll have to forgive me because I was handed $1,000.00 estimate after our emergency visit this morning because, evidentially, she’s needing surgery ASAP on a fractured canine tooth, an abscess on her cheek, and an umbilical hernia. Hence the theatrics.

Of course at the end of [most] days she really is fine and I know, regardless of our suffering wallets, a few months from now I will have forgotten about how stressful raising a puppy is (because, lets be honest, I will most likely be begging for another already).

I know so many people who either a. have never had any of the issues Derrick and I have had with our dogs (algae poisoning, snake bites, liver failure, fractured teeth and hernias…to name a few) or b. desperately want one having little to no idea exactly what it might entail. Dogs are absolutely wonderful, I wouldn’t be raising my 3rd puppy in 3 years if that was true, but they can get very expensive when you’re least expecting it and, even worse, they can get sick when your not ready for the worst kind of heart ache.

Right now I’m holding on to all the little things I love about being a dog owner in order to get through the vet visits and sleepless nights all of us dread.

Now here are all those adorable puppy pictures I promised. Her face makes up for all heart ache!


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