12 Week Home Lifting Program

Alright, heres the deal.

I work at a gym, yet I’m too cheap to pay for an alternate gym membership. Don’t get me wrong, being able to jump in to nearly any class I want to at Orange Theory is an awesome perk to the job, but after a couple months it has dawned on me that I’m doing a ton of cardio and missing my stricter lifting routine.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not all that good at balancing fitness. I tend to go all in with a specific type of exercise the way I do with diets *insert eye roll*. 



I was all about cardio and yoga when we first moved back to Oregon, and now I am back on a path to balancing that out with heavier lifting in between.

Cardio is awesome, but too much cardio can effect how you build and maintain muscle, especially if you’re not eating enough.

I hate to be the person to complain about this, but I never eat enough. Some people might wish they had that issue, a personal trainer who wants to put on some muscle and lean out would cringe at the thought.

Recently, it’s gotten to the point where I have stopped tracking what I am eating because it was just frustrating me.


Macro Goals

I am committing to a 12 week lifting program that I will be pairing with a ‘nutritional challenge’ forcing me to get my daily macros in on both active and rest days. My goal is to lose about 2% body fat while building lean muscle. I will not be tracking how much I weigh, as we all know muscle weighs more than fat, and the ultimate goal here is muscle growth.

My calculated macros in grams:

Protein: 158 g

Carbohydrates: 220 g

Fat: 65 g


Screen shot 2016-07-17 at 8.19.39 PM.png

I am the first to suggest to anyone looking to better track food and exercise to find an app that works for them. I have always been happy with MyFitnessPal, not only does it let you set goals on the app but allows you to adjust how you will get there by manipulating the daily calories and macros goals, and on top of all of that there are a ton of pre-uploaded food items from other users ready for you to track. All of this is available on the free version, in my opinion it’s just silly not to take advantage of it!


12 Weeks is a long time to commit to anything in my life right now. Even as I type I know that is about 85% excuses, but still, 12 weeks is a pretty long time for anyone to full-on commit to something. I am developing this program to allow for plenty of missteps while maintaing constancy. Heres what I mean by that; I know I will not always get to lift for a full hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons for the next 12 weeks. Not possible. However, I do know that I can commit to 3 hours a week on 3 non-consecutive days when I can fit them in.

I don’t even have to leave the house or stop getting caught up on Downton Abbey, so I literally have zero excuses.



This is my favorite part of the whole deal, hence the all cap/me yelling it at you above. I decided to create a 12 week program myself because all programs I am able to find online require access to either a gym or a metamorphic leathermen of a machine that probably costs more than I am willing to pay. Remember, I’m kinda cheap. Derrick and I invested in a pair of adjustable bowflex dumbbells a few years back that can go from 7.5-52.5 lbs. and that is all I need.

  • My challenge is to make the entire program ‘home workout’ friendly, requiring nothing more than a pair of dumbbells to get it done. Don’t even have those? Fine, grab a couple water bottles or save some milk jugs, fill them with rice/water/beans and lift those babies for the next 12 weeks with me. P.s. you can grab a pair for under $5.00 at TJ Maxx/Ross/Walmart if thats an option!

The goal is to get moving, be consistent, and build muscle.

The Program

I have currently been test driving weeks 1 & 2 of the program…for the last 3 weeks. I consider myself in pretty good shape and found myself so sore after day 1 I took 3 full days to recover. Exactly why I need this kind of balance back in my life!

Things to look for!

  • I will be posting weeks 1 & 2 this week with run-downs of the workouts.
  • Every other week you will get the new set of workouts with explanations and schedules.
  • It will be up to you to find where they will fit in yours!
  • Every week you will get an update from yours truly…and my little brother, he is being forced to get his butt kicked with me!
  • At the 6 week mark you will be updated with my own progress, good or bad.
  • Daily/ frequent social media posts and motivation keeping you in the know with how I use each day to get closer to this goal.

Are you ready to get started with me??

Keep an eye out for Weeks 1&2!

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