Blog Makeover Part II: A Name Change

We have officially made it over half way through our week and I have very exciting news for you!

In continuing with some of the behind the scenes work I have been putting in on the website, I am excited to announce the next big change.

If you hadn’t already been able to tell, I have really been upping the ante on the recipe posts. Which I fully intend on continuing, because I am loving it! Don’t worry, I will continue to post workouts and random life stories as well. 

Next on the list, a name change. I will always have a fondness for The Grapefruit Diaries, but I knew when I came up with it that it would simply be a place holder for the name I had yet to think of. Even though it took over 3 years, it came to me when it was supposed to and I am going to roll with it on this process of overhauling and taking the blog in the direction I want to see it go in.

What to expect: Nothing more than a new name, domain, and logo! It will still be regular me writing my irregular content. I will not be removing any posts or changing anything fundamental about previous and future content. Even if you forgot, going to The Grapefruit Diaries will reroute you to the updated site!

Outside of the website: Social media handles and names will change as well. I will stay connected to the same accounts but when you visit them you will see the new name and logo.

I realize there might be some confusion in the coming weeks for my regular readers, I am hoping that, if nothing else, it will help streamline the focus of the content and better describe what it is I am trying to do with my little corner of the internet.

I want nothing more than to be completely transparent with you all, so if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me through social media. I am very quick to respond!

XO – Natale

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