The Final Blog Lift


I’m sure you have noticed some major changes as you tune in today. I am so incredibly excited to introduce to you the new and improved blog, Befitting!

The last few months have been a non stop brain-storm of ideas to give this space a face lift. I have slowly implemented minor changes here and there and recently, while developing a different blog I hope to start in the near future, a new name came to mind and stuck. I can’t tell you how many words and phrases have bounced around in my head the last couple years, none that quite fit what I wanted to portray for this website.

Befitting encompasses so much of what I need a single word to explain about me, my blog, and my style of health.

All things good and bad, healthy or not and somewhere in-between have a place here because it is befitting to me and my lifestyle. Nothing feels off limits, whatever I feel like writing about all fits together under this new umbrella.

Now that I have officially introduced the new and improved website, I am excited to get back to work creating awesome content, recipes and workouts alike. I hope you are as excited for all the new recipes, workouts and life posts to come!

Happy hump day friends!

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