The Engagement: Our Story Part I

The last week I went dark on the blog, first being out of town then trying to get my head back on straight after a very eventful weekend!

Derrick and I broke some exciting news this week to our closest family and friends, we’re getting married! He turned my birthday weekend into an engagement weekend and made me the happiest women in the world when he asked me for forever.

I decided that instead of just re-telling the engagement for the 100th time, I would celebrate our entire journey by starting from the beginning and putting our story to paper…or blog. Because let me tell you, it’s pretty unique!

Our Story- Part I

sunriver 2

Every year since I can remember my family hopped in our suburban and made the annual trip out to Sunriver, a resort in Central Oregon, for spring break.

While Derrick’s family had a little more variation in their annual group trips, they had family friends with a house at the same resort. This brought our rag-tag groups all together in the same place at the same time for a full 48 hours in 2004.

First you should know that I grew up in Portland and Derrick grew up (mostly) in Roseburg, about 3 hours apart from each other and each about 2.5-3 hours away from this small Oregon town.

Even more amazingly, we managed to all come together skiing and snowboarding at the local Mt. Bachelor on the same afternoon. I distinctly remember catching a glimpse of this handsome man in the lodge at lunch and becoming instantly infatuated. My father is a die-hard skier, having had unusually strict rules regarding when his kids could try snowboarding, I happened to be trying my hand at it for the first time on that particular day. Let me just say, I sucked. I mean, I was really, really, not good at it.

bachelor lodge 2

Now that I’ve set the snowy mountain- esque scene, lets get to the mushy stuff. After a frustrating first half of my day spending more time in the snow than riding on it, I spotted a very good looking boy sitting with his family in the lodge. We made eyes a few times, I pretty obviously couldn’t stop looking and I imagine he couldn’t either as we kept catching each others glance.

My brother being photogenic and me probably eying another boy in the same lodge a few years later…lol jk fiance. 

After lunch, I headed back out to the slopes and again found myself half way down a hill, sitting in the snow, missing my set of skis. It wasn’t long before I had company, the cute lodge boy had spotted my bright blue jacket and took a seat next to me in the cold wet snow.

Looking something like this meets a blue michelin man, I managed to catch the attention of my future husband.

We did a little bit of talking, I gathered the basics; his name was Derrick, he was from Roseburg, and even better looking up close. From there my memory gets a little hazy, I know I spent an afternoon faking my way down steep hills to impress a boy while he did a  better job pretending not to notice how awful I was.

Or maybe that was my 13 year old brain romanticizing it and he was just trying to keep me from killing myself before making it back to the chair lift so he could ditch me. Who knows for sure.

Derrick gets to enjoy this face for the rest of his days.

The end of the day came and we went our separate ways, without swapping home phone numbers or super-cool early 2000’s email addresses. Side bar, at this point mine was definitely butterflykissez99@hotmail because why not and hotmail was hot. As our moms rushed us away from each other in the parking lot, that was it. My brief family vacation romance had come to an end as quickly as it started. Here started a several year long crush over a guy whose last name I didn’t know and who, quite frankly I would probably never see again.

Until I did…and you’ll have to wait for Part II for that.

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