The Engagement: Our Love Story Part II

A couple weeks ago after the first installment, I teased you with Part II of our love story, and here it is!

bachelor lodge 2

Quick recap, Derrick and I met on a mountain about 10 years ago on family vacations. We went our separate ways knowing nothing but each others first name, assuming we would never see each other again.

Until we did.

Fast forward through the awkward high school phase (thankfully..) and Derrick was in his second year studying science at the University of Oregon while I had just moved to Eugene as a freshman psychology student. Neither of us even close to a thought on each others mind, life went per normal through the start of the school year. Excited to be in a new place with old friends, I spent more time than I should have ‘socializing’ while Derrick had a pretty large network of friends already established all over town.


On a dark, cold, rainy evening (as nearly all of them were from October-February) there happened to be an off-campus party that a friend of mine invited me to. Not needing much convincing, my roommate and I were dressed up and ready to go. Braving the weather, we walked the half mile to the already bustling house. As most college parties, the attendees couldn’t be confined to one small room but found themselves mingling through the entire house, and sprawled out on both the front and back lawns.


My friends and I found a spot calling our name in the front yard where we continued the festivities. After some time, a particularly diverse group of gentlemen walked passed the front of the house, one of them catching my eye. They paused near me, waiting for a ride off to somewhere, the one that caught my eye started to look as familiar as he was cute.

Maybe it was the booze ~sorry mom~ but I knew I had to approach him.

This is where my memory gets hazy and Derricks above-average recollection comes in handy. With some liquid courage, I walked right up to the cute passerby and asked bluntly, “Is your name Derrick?”.

Confused by the forward and now rain drenched girl, Derrick replied hesitantly, “Yes”.

Again, I pried, “Are you from Roseburg?”. Now, probably worried for his safety, he replied even more hesitantly, “Yes?”

I word vomited the rest at his face with all of our friends watching, explaining that I was the girl in the puffy blue jacket from Mt. Bachelor and I was pretty sure we knew each other.

We did!

It was him and for some unknown reason we were standing face to face again by the most random of events.

So what did I do to celebrate this universal glitch? I kissed him. And what did he do in response? Instead of running away like he probably should have…he asked me on a date.


Both of us woke up the next morning with very vague memories of the previous night, but managed to hold up our agreement to a night out.

Its safe to say he took me on the first real date I had ever been on to a mexican place in town. We saw each other maybe one other time after that, being in very different places in our lives it fizzled quickly and, again, we lost touch.


Now not only living in the same state but the same city, our completely different worlds did not even come close to crossing. As far as either of us were concerned, that was it. We were different people with different lives and they kept moving forward.

And then, two years later, they had moved forward and right into each other at a nearby coffee shop for the 3rd time. As we say even to this day, third time’s a charm and to know how our path was carved from there, you will have to tune in for Part III!


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