The Big Update

Wow! Yesterday marked exactly 1 year since I last posted, because I have scheduling commitment issues, but the crazier thing is that it doesn’t feel like more than a week has passed. Days have run into weeks and blurred into months. We’ve had very little sleep, lots of work hours, even more time spent planning the wedding (yeah, that happened…), and some life strategizing sprinkled in.

Weird things happen when I don’t write. It can’t make sense to everyone, but for me writing is an outlet and not writing results in serious mental congestion. My nearest and dearest me remind me frequently that I need to get some words out so I can stay sane. I’m having a burning itch to write, and it’s been forever since you’ve been updated on whats happening in the newly established Foley homestead, so here is a quick update on life!

Ok, I need to be very honest, because I always am, and tell you that I literally started writing this months ago. As in over 6 months ago. I just kept adding to it and not posting it for one reason or another until the list got so long I decided to finally make it happen.

This is written to the best of my ability in chronological order, I know I will miss things with how much has happened in a YEAR!

October 2016: I had the honor of being asked to step into the Studio Manager roll at Orangetheory Fitness Tigard where I had been previously coaching. I began the mad dash to get our engagement photos done, pick the perfect Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, and THE dress.



November 2016: I officially transitioned into the SM roll. I found THE dress and began addressing all Save the Dates to get the ball rolling! Pro Tip: don’t drink a couple glasses of wine with your mom and write addresses or you will get them “return to sender” with completely nonsense addresses and names on them! HAHA. But seriously.

December 2016:  Holidays, short staffed, bad weather resulting lots of extra work and a tree that fell on our house, worked all the hours, traveled all the miles between families. 



February 2017: Here starts a couple months of work related and personal travel. I don’t think I have ever travelled so much in such a short period of time before! I was also desperately trying to get my invitations in the mail which was a long process as I decided to write the addresses in calligraphy. By myself. Because I’m crazy. 

  • My best friend decided to marry the man of her dreams in AZ and there was no way I wasn’t going to be in the park by her side! Yes, I ugly cried like to the point where I could no longer take pictures.
  • My grandfather passed away and I spent the weekend after the wedding on the east coast with family.
  • Still traveling back and for to Roseburg weekly for wedding prep and planning


March 2017: Wedding prep in full swing, Derrick and I spent every weekend in Roseburg and I turned into a thrift store scavenging pro. We also painted trees and thats now my new favorite way to decorate trees. Seriously, do it.

April 2017: The most wonderful women through me a bridal shower. The spent the next week oozing with love and smiles it was such a unique experience. I was still working all the hours, still trying to put my DIY wedding together, no spare moments that weren’t dedicated to one thing or the other.

  • Travelled to Florida for a work conference at literally the most inopportune time. But it was awesome and I love my Orange family.


May 2017: HOLY CRAP 1 MONTH TO WEDDING behavior. Stress pimples, lots of bad hair days, failed diets and lots of “I’ll start Mondays”.

End of May 2017: My AMAZING family and friends took me to Newport CA for my bachelorette party. They truly are the BEST group of women and travelled from all over to have a massive slumber party with all the dancing, bloody mary’s, beach naps and Mexican food you can imagine. Also, Disneyland. Did I mention they’re the best?


June 2017: While wedding planning I had to split focus and plan the celebration of our 2 year anniversary at my studio! My staff was amazingly understanding was operating on all cylinders yet only about 50% present wherever I was. They asked a lot of questions that I nodded understandingly at only to realize I was just having a physical reaction to noise in my office and not necessarily processing information. Any bride that says they feel otherwise in the weeks leading up to their wedding while trying to run a business is flat out lying.

End of June 217: THE WEDDING!!! It came. It went. It was flat out magical and everything I imagined. There are highs and lows to every major event but I clung to the highs and soaked up every ounce of love and support I could that week.

End of June 2017 again: The Mini Moon! The day after the wedding we opened gifts then packed up, turned off our phones, and headed to the Oregon coast for 4 days to decompress and enjoy being Mr. & Mrs.

July 2017: Back to business as usual with a massive wedding hangover. What a weird thing to plan for a single day for a year then move forward without the stress of that like it never happened. I rebounded in a fierce way from the intense pre-wedding workout schedule and strict diet and just enjoyed myself. A little too much.


August 2017: Work picked up, we had a studio event almost every weekend, the end of summer always gets busy at the gym and you just have to buckle in for the ride. I started having some serious wedding withdrawals and started looking into ways I could do something in the industry part-time. You know, with all the free time I have.

September 2017: Began a trail period with Your Perfect Bridesmaid, a wedding planning group, as a Wedding Coordinator part time and LOVE IT. Had the opportunity of participating in two different health focused women’s retreats. This was the first time I had ever gotten to attend one and I was so honored to get to be a part of it. By the way, I still run the gym I just can’t stand free time.

October 2017: Officially hired on to the YPB Team! Holidays mean things get crazy at the gym, Hell Week is one of the most popular weeks of the whole year at Orangetheory and I can’t help but go all out. My best friend asked me to not only be in her wedding but the MAID OF HONOR and it literally floored me. I’m a very unemotional person but there were actual alligator tears. Mid month I headed to San Diego for another work conference and enjoyed the mid 60’s rainy “cold spell” they were having.

Next year I’ll get to pamper her on her wedding day!

November 2017: With just a few short days into the month I already have some updates, my new brother in law proposed to his now Fiance and I’m getting a new SISTER! Boy am I one lucky girl to have had a year like the one I have had.


This list barely skims the surface of my life and how I have spent the last year. I am blessed beyond belief to have had all the opportunities I have, to have been welcomed into my new family so warmly, and to have a family that is as supportive as mine is. With so many things in the works right now, I can’t even imagine what the next year has in store! Im just hoping I can post about it more than once a year. 😉

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